Casamaïa Apartments’s Accommodation in Benalmádena

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Casamaïa Apartments’s Accommodation

Accommodation Benalmádena

Whether it’s for a short getaway, holidays or remote working, there’s a space that’s perfect for you and the time you want to stay at Casamaïa.

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Casamaïa apartments Casamaïa Apartments Benalmádena

PENTHOUSE "the loft"

Your own private sun-filled terrace. These apartments accommodate up to two people.

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My CASAMAÏA "essential"

One-bedroom apartments that comfortably accommodate up to four guests. They offer a large terrace so you can take in the views over the Mediterranean and enjoy all the Holiday World Resort services.

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My CASAMAÏA "family & friends"

Enjoy company while respecting your privacy. With 85 square metres, two private bedrooms and a terrace, you can enjoy your holiday without having to part from your family or friends, while respecting your privacy and ...

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