People and values

Right from the start we have always worked on continuous improvements to the wellbeing of our employees, promoting a balance between work, family and personal live.

The RFB certificate and our commitment to work-life balance, equality and diversity policies have placed us at the forefront of the tourist sector since 2009. We have been singled out as a success story by several business forums and have been awarded numerous prizes and recognitions by political and social organisations.

People management system

This is the best known management model and the most useful, now and in the future, according to the Human Capital Study, Spain 2014.It is an integral people management system recognised as a GOOD PRACTICE by the UN owned by the Más Familia Foundation and implemented and audited in over 550 entities in over 20 countries.

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Awards and recognitions

Distintivo Ayuntamiento Benalmadena. Programa cualifika: Consejería para la Igualdad y Bienestar Social.


Fuengirola Local Government Active Start Programme


Fundatul; Sponsorship foundation: foundation that finds work for people with disabilities. Clara Campoamor prize awarded by the Benalmadena Local Government.


ARHOE, ARHOE, Accésit for the company that has contributed the most to adopting rational working hours.


Among the TOP 25 RFB companies that are the entities most committed to, and with influence over the work-life balance.


Prize for the best Spanish HR Director awarded to Remedios Miralles  Corporate Human Resources Director at Peñarroya Group, at the Awards for the Best Initiatives and Women Talent in HR by Adecco & DKV.


“HR Forum 2017” award award for Remedios Miralles


Human Capital Prize for Integral HR Management awarded to the Peñarroya Group


Supercarers 2018 prize, in the Business Category


Our journey with people


We obtained the Responsible Family Business seal in 2010, certified by Aenor and awarded by the Más Familia Foundation. We were the first tourism company in the hotel sector to achieve this certification. 


We renewed the certificate in 2017 with an excellence level A, becoming the 1st hotel chain among international entities to obtain it. Furthermore, we are the only company in Spain to achieve this level under the RFB 1000-1 standard, and the 3rd company in Spain with a high level of excellence, behind Reale Seguros and Mutua Madrileña.


We are currently working on a project to instil a digital culture in our teams of people, on high impact innovative and digital training policies and on compensation and balance policies.

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We very actively participate in collaborating with different social entities and not-for-profit organisations such as:  

Mozambique Sur Foundation

“Hombre” Project



Meet our team

  • "Above all else, being a RFB involves great responsibility towards our employees; a certificate of this type is more than a commitment, it is an obligation and meeting a standard, so we have a firm and regulated commitment to continuous improvement.“

    Fotografía de Remedios Miralles sentada
    Remedios Miralles
    Corporate Director of People and Values
  • “La RSC forma parte del ADN de nuestra empresa, porque no se concibe otra forma de gestionar hoy en día. Alcanzar la sostenibilidad, supone encontrar el equilibrio entre las necesidades económicas, sociales y ambientales actuales. Esto traducido a efectos prácticos supone buen clima laboral, contribución al desarrollo socioeconómico de la comunidad, ofertar productos y servicios de calidad a los clientes, preservar el entorno natural más inmediato y tener un balance saneado»

    Fotografía de Sonia Santos sentada
    Sonia Santos
    CSR Manager